The plumbing system of any building is important to ensure that there is provision of clean water and waste is disposed safely. The hot water system and the heating system should be functioning properly, and so should the gas system.

One of the most important rooms in a home or a food business is the kitchen. The kitchen has an elaborate plumbing system which includes the piping and an array of appliances. A plumber is therefore required during the installation of pipes and appliances in the kitchen. Regular servicing of kitchen equipment will ensure that any potential problems are dealt with early enough.

Leaking Taps

The kitchen consists of a wide variety of appliances including sinks, taps, stoves and kitchen waste disposals. You may experience a leaking tap in your kitchen which results in wastage of water and thus increased bills. When a tap leaks, it is normally the o-rings, the washer or the valve that has a problem.

A valve that has a problem can be replaced with a new one. O-rings that are located at the base of the spout can be replaced by lifting the spout, removing the old o-rings and placing the new o-rings. A washer that is leaking only requires a replacement of the washer.

Rubber washers get worn out easily when you tighten them too much and this causes them to leak. Normally when you close the tap, it may drip briefly then stop. This is normal and the taps should not be tightened beyond what is necessary. Compression valve taps also leak when you close them and should therefore not be over tightened as this leads to leaking.

Blocked Drains

Kitchen sinks easily get clogged due to grease and fatty substances getting washed down the drain. Grease and fat do not flow down the drain but instead get stuck onto the insides of the pipes. With time, the grease accumulates and ends up blocking the drains. The plumber will therefore be needed to get rid of the blockage.

It is advisable not to pour grease and fats down the kitchen sink. It is better to allow the grease to solidify then scrape it off and dispose it in the garbage. You can clean your drains monthly using a method recommended by your plumber.

Broken Down Appliances

A dishwasher is installed by connecting it to the water supply and drainage pipes of the kitchen. These pipes have to work properly in order for the dishwasher to function. If the water supply and drainage pipes are not working properly, the dishwasher can flood your kitchen and can get damaged. A plumber can repair the piping and the dishwasher to ensure they are working properly.

A garbage disposal can easily get clogged up when too much leftover food is disposed in them. They also get clogged when tough food leftovers such as carrots or liquid grease are disposed in them. If the garbage disposer is not working, you should switch it off and press the reset button. You should then switch it back on and check whether it is working. If it is still not working, a plumber can repair the garbage disposal and if necessary will replace it.

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